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About | ECE
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About Us

Shaping the Future

With futuristic designs and projects like Retaj-Amman, we lead the future, and shape the look and feel for big cities.

Who We Are

Welcome to the East Entrance company we are one of the multidisciplinary architectural and engineering consultancy firm.

we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services in the fields of architectural design, construction design , electrical and mechanical design , urban planning , infrastructure planning , management and specialized studies.

Our permanent goal is to find innovative solutions, and implement them professionally, with a special focus on designs that are both environmentally conscientious and culturally relevant . This is achieved with our team which consist of highly creative, passionate and skilled individuals, proficient in a wide range of disciplines. This diversity allows us to complete all aspects of design.

Find Us

Al-Etom- Complex
No. 16
Khair El Din Al Maani Street

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